Time Wasters Equal Time Wackers

Sometimes It’s Not Worth Your Time

I don’t know about you but when I am feeling organized I feel in control and feel good about my surroundings. If you house is all organized and everything looks good I don’t have to fret or worry about all the little things I need to do that are… well let’s say kind of unnecessary. I mean they are necessary because there important to me but in the big picture of things, hey come on if my house isn’t clean it’s not the end of the world. I mean really if someone were to see it am I going to die? No.

Some of the projects I have been putting off that I really hate and don’t want to do. Cleaning up the yard, mowing the grass, trimming trees, any kind of yard clean up. Cleaning the driveway. Washing windows. Snow removal, wow now here’s something that will take care of itself if you just wait long enough. Hahaha

When I look at all the projects that I deem a waste of time I call them “time wackers” because they just remove chunks of time from my day. But now I have learned not to do everything for myself in fact I hired a guy over at a Jacksonville tree service to take care of my tree trimming and tree removal. They also do stump grinding and stump removal.

Another guy that has a towing service, if you’re looking for a tow truck company in Jacksonville fl then call A-able Wrecker these companies have done a great job for me and I highly recommend them if you need someone to move a car that doesn’t run or if you get a flat tire or breakdown. These company’s both have the very nicest guys working there, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Fun and Easy Things To Make At This Time Of Year

Depending on your skill set and what crafts and art you enjoy then try thinking out of the box.


I like to pick up canvas and paints from the craft store and paint a few peaceful Christmas scenes. To make it

even more special have any kids, get them to paint the pictures. Grandparents and aunts eat that stuff

Another great gift idea if you crochet or knit, pick up a book on ornament making or make a long

decorative string for others to string like garland from the tree.


I always like to include my daughter in making the Christmas gifts as it is a great chance to bond with

your kids and makes the gifts so much more special for family and friends. You can purchase plaster

ornaments and have your kids paint them for family. You can also buy clay roll it out like cookie dough

and use cookie cutters to make ornaments, poke a hole in the top for the ribbon to hang the ornament,

bake, and paint.


Remember it really is the thought that counts. Consider more personal gifts such as homemade

bookmarks for the readers in your family or paint a wooden toolbox for the family handyman. While

personal gifts cost a little more if you use your coupons and plan ahead you should be pleasantly

surprised when you see how much you save going homemade.

Semi-homemade is also a good idea. Consider family gifts. Take a large basket, pick up a $5 bargain

Christmas DVD, throw in some Christmas mugs from the dollar store and a can of hot coca mix and some

popcorn. $10 bucks later you have a great gift. This is nice for neighbors or hostess gifts as well. Good

luck with all of your Christmas crafting. In my next blog, we will was art and creativity to plan the perfect

New Year’s Eve party. Chow!

Fun Ways To Make Christmas Gifts

Maxine here with some more great crafts and Christmas gifts.


Hit up the local dollar store and pick up

some picture frames. At the craft store get some acrylic paint, protective gloss, and some miniature

Christmas trees, gift boxes, mini ornament sets are usually fairly cheap. Before you hit up the craft store

get the app RetailMeNot.com because most craft stores like


Michaels and JoAnn’s Fabrics will give some

great coupons, like 40% to even 60% off. Now look through those family pictures you took this year at a

vacation or family gathering. Or dress up and have your pictures taken. Now paint and spray your

frames and let them dry. Using hot glue or super glue place the small Christmas items you bought in a

festive arrangement around the frame. When the pictures come back simply place them in the frame

and wrap. The 3-D frame is fun and family pictures are something most people only place online these

days. Make it a tradition and send out new pictures each year. The gift that keeps on giving. I usually

spend about $100 and manage to give a pic to all of my family and friends. Best yet, no hectic malls,

cranky people, long lines, and going broke trying to get gifs for everyone.


Another fun gift idea is homemade sachets. Pick out a couple of yards of Christmas fabrics at your local

craft store. Then head to Walmart and get a large, inexpensive bag of rice and look on the craft aisle that

has incense and oils. Choose some scented oil. I like Christmas scents like apple and cinnamon, vanilla,

or peppermint. Also, pick up one of those bulk pack of hair bands and some thin ribbon that looks good

with the fabric, you chose.


Now back at home cut the fabric into small squares, add the rice and oil to a bowl and mix with the

essential oils. You may want to allow the rice to dry out for an hour or so. Scoop the rice onto the fabric

squares you cut. Pull together and twist the hairband around to close. Cut some ribbon to tie around the

hairband and wallah you have a sweet-smelling gift. If you have the time, make a huge amount and let

the kids pass them along to a local retirement home. It’s a great and inexpensive way to spread some

Christmas love and cheer.

Don’t fear I have a more ideas for you in my next blog. Chow!

The Joys of Fall

Leaves are so beautiful and inspiring


The other day I was watching out my window as the bus was picking my daughter up from school. I was

amazed at the simple beauty in front of me.


I’m talking about the beauty of the fall leaves. Reds, gold,

orange, a red so dark it looks purple. I bundled up against the wind and grabbed a basket. This is an

artists ideal, inspiration and art supplies just outside my door and all for free. As I collected leaves my

mind was full of all the possibilities these leaves would offer me.


I also noticed that the branches on the

trees were whipping against the wind, the branches stretched over my roof, past the telephone lines. It

looks like time to call for tree service. What, I am a mom and homeowner, I need to take care

of my house, just as much as I need to create.


Back to my leaves I had collected. I took the leaves and spread them out to dry for a couple of days. Next

I took a wire coat hanger and some pretty fall ribbon.  The end result was a beautiful fall wreath! I

shaped the coat hanger into a circle and then simply used on end of the coat hanger to gently punch

holes into each leaf and thread them onto the coat hanger.


When the hanger is full of those gorgeous

fall leaves gently twist the hanger together again and add a beautiful fall ribbon. The hook part on the

hanger makes this wreath ready to hang. Put it on your front door or send a few to neighbors.


Next blog we will cover some crafty and inexpensive ideas for Christmas gifts that family, friends, and

your budget will love. Chow!


We are getting ready for the season, we have relatives headed our way and we are cleaning up the house, dusting, getting our carpet cleaned and we have a house painter doing some touch up work. So we will be ready soon.

I Am An Artist

Okay, Okay I am a struggling artist.


I love all kinds of arts and crafts. Right now, I am

working on some seasonal crafts and gifts for Christmas. I like to make special items instead of buying a

meaningless gift card or getting that Black Friday special. I thought I could share with you all some great

ideas and save you a ton of money this holiday season.

I have been in love with art since I was a kid in school. The teacher would assign us a drawing project and

I would work on it in class and then take it home and work on it some more. It was an instant love affair.

I love working on all kinds of art, I’m good at some and on others my work looks like I’m still 5 years old lol.

I started this blog to write down some great ideas I think a lot of people can use. I’m into saving money and

I know how to make art at a very inexpensive price. The idea just came to me last week I was talking to my

friend Susan and was telling her all about my plans for the coming holiday season. She said “Oh you should

start a blog and give people tips on how to decorate for Christmas”. When I went to bed that night, I couldn’t

sleep and thought about it all night long. The next day I started reading about how to start a blog. It was not

easy, I read and watched some videos and I thought this was going to be incredible hard to do myself so I

called a friend from work and he came over and set everything up and showed me how to write posts. It’s not

hard once you have it all set up, but if your thinking about writing your own blog I recommend getting someone

to set it up for you. I am so glad I had someone else do it because I would have given up, I don’t like things that are too technical.

I do like making the pages look good so I’m still adding stuff. Hey leave a comment and tell me what you think of my design.

Until next time Chow.